Saturday, January 8, 2011

Win a $50 gift certificate to Cabbing Rough!

Flickr Contest

Leopardskin Jasper pendant made by Pennee. You an find this pendant in her etsy shop All Wired Up

When I first started cutting cabochons, they were either for my jewelry creations or for people I knew personally. I was always very excited to cut a stone for someone else because their finished pieces would always be so different from what I imagined when I cut the stone. Since we’ve started selling on etsy, there have been so many stones I wonder about what they have turned into.

So a few months ago we started a contest to encourage artist’s to share their jewelry designs with us. Here’s how it works:
1.) Make something out of a stone you purchase from Cabbing Rough
2.) Upload a photo of it to You may enter as many pieces as you like.
3.) At the end of the month, each member of my family gets a vote, even my 3 year old son! The photo with the most votes gets a $50 gift certificate to our etsy shop.
4.) This contest runs EVERY MONTH, so make sure you stop back often!
Although I didn’t think of this originally, this contest page has been a great resource for me. Many times I receive emails from customers wanting one of or stones made into a finished piece of jewelry. I now refer them to this flickr page to browse! So if you enter, make sure you have a link to your online store under your flickr profile, not on your photo (against flickr rules)
Flickr Contest

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