Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Stones I'm working on today

I feel kind of bad, I have been so addicted to my rocks I have not been keeping up with my blog and other fun computer stuff! So here's an update!

I am working on a variety of pieces today. I am super excited about this big chunk of Mooka I have, I had cut and sold a cab from it yesterday, and the rest of the rock looks to have some amazing potential! Also, I have found a part of a Porcelain Jasper slab that looks like the clouds are blowing on the earth, like you see in old cartoons. My husband sees aliens attacking, but I see clouds :)

The Gem Shop just sent us 5 more pounds of Amazonite and they are now sold out. One of the pieces is a darker color than I have seen this stone to be, so that will be exciting to see how it comes out.

And last but not least, I am still attempting to work with some Rainbow Moonstone. I have cut this material efore, but I am having problems with the stones breaking with this batch. It $30.00 a pound, it's not a stone I want to mess with as much as I already have!

Hope you'll all keep an eye on my etsy shop to see how some of these come out this weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Do You Love What You Do?

I was listing some new stones this afternoon, and it occurred to me I don't really have a favorite. I get as excited as a kid on Christmas with each and every one. Anything I have cut that I have not liked has ended up in a bowl on my desk. It seems to me that if I don't love it, why should anyone else?

When a jeweler looks at my pieces online, I want them to feel the same thrill I do looking at the amazing beauty we can all find in nature. My motivation when I cut is wondering what my piece may inspire and draw out of others.

I think this is what makes an artist an artist, the passion and excitement we feel about our own work. When I make a sale, the most exciting part to me is later when I see what someone else has created with it. Because my work is technically a supply for other other jewelers, my work is now in such a variety of pieces across the world. And everyone's style is so exciting! Some stones I will never see where they ended up and what they became, and there are a few I will probably always wonder about.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jewelry made from my stones!

I think the most exciting part of cutting rocks is if you get to see what the artist makes out of it afterward. Selling stones on the internet provides a great opportunity for easily sharing finished work later on.

One of the projects we did this month was to cut custom stones for designsbysuzyn. As I was cutting these beautiful Spectrolite stones, I was imagining what I would do with them personally. When I saw one of her finished pieces last week, I was amazed with her vision and talent. Suzyn works with PMC, which I have extra respect for just from playing around with regular polymer clay. You can find her work at

Another artist that has finished a product with one of our stones is DiemDesignsJewelry. This jewelers does a mazing work, and the detail put into her pieces is just extraordinary. I love her rings, you can see them at

It has been an honor to work with both of these jewelers, and I can not wait to see what they create next!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Stones!

I have been busy cutting in the basement, and now it's time to get to work on the computer again! I thought I would post a quick sneak peek to my blog followers, here's my new stones that will be coming up for sale on etsy this week. You can find these and lots more at

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Really Fun Website

Bracelet made by aidapray on

Goodbye kids, Mom's found a new Jewelry website! is an amazing community full of talented artists. It is a place to show off your work and to teach techniques to others. I have found enough information here to last me a lifetime of creating new pieces.

The Gallery is used to post your newest pieces and receive feedback from others on the site. If you sell your jewelry online, you can post your direct links to as many items as you like for only $3.99 per month. I hope you'll all take a look at this community, I don't know if there is any site on the internet with this much talent.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Finally Found a Use for Twitter

I have a Twitter account, but I can't say I have really enjoyed it until now. Tweets look like another language to me, and there is little interaction when you're looking for it. However, today I stumbled upon a very talented jewelry artist to add to my list of favorites.

OceanPearlJewellery had posted a link to one of her etsy listings in a tweet, and I was immediately hooked on her work! I was impressed with the particular piece she posted because of the gorgeous, complimenting clasps. Little things like this show a jeweler that takes pride in their work. Her wire woven bracelets are very elegant, and the simple design would compliment just about any outfit.

Also featured in her shop is a pair of hand painted ceramic earrings. These bright earrings are perfect for summer, and also one of a kind.

You can find these beautiful pieces and more at I hope you all enjoy her shop as much as I have!

The Incredible World of Rocks

The use of stones in jewelry is neverending. Very commonly stones are used in silversmith or beading work, however, I am a huge fan of wire wrapping. I think wire wrapping impresses me because I have done it, and I know how hard it is on the hands. Not to mention the difficulty of keeping everything even and tightly wrapped.

HardCandyGems on etsy has some of the nicest wire wrapped pieces I have found. Her store features many labradorite pieces, and her wire wrapped rings are just astounding.
You can find her work at

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thirteen Gems - An Amazing Artist

Melissa of Thirteen Gems is one of my favorite artists on etsy. I love to look at her work and I'm always excited to see what she will make next. Her new turquoise piece is just breath taking, and she pays attention to many details, using excellent quality stones.

Like myself, Melissa is a big fan of druzy stones. For those of you that are unfamilar with this term, it describes a stone with open crystals. Druzy stones can be very hard to come by, and also prone to cracking during the cutting process.

Although I have admired Melissa's work for quite a while now, I just discovered she has a blog today. On her blog, she goes though every step of making one of her pieces. It is very refreshing to find an artist willing to share their techniques with others, and incredible to think of the amount of time and patience that goes into every piece she creates.

Melissa's work can be found at
and her blog at

I hope you'll all take a look at this amazing etsy artist!

New rocks

I have a lot to do tonight! I'm so excited about all of my new rocks. Actually, some I've had for a long time, but I've just now dug them out of the endless boxes of stones in my basement. Where to start, they're all so neat!

BTW, anyone wondering why my work area is so messy, my equipment is ancient and broken valves make stone cutting very muddy and very wet! But getting dirty is part of the fun!

The new workbench

For those of you that do not know me, I work with my husband Karl cutting rocks. It's our favorite passtime once the kids go to bed. Last week I was gone all day running errands, and I came home to the best surprise - Karl had built me a brand new workbench! I have so much more room now, I can't wait to get everything moved over!

Learning about blogs

So far today I've learned how to find people, all about etsy mini, and how to do the Alt Print screen thing, like this. Thanks everyone for the help!
Some of my favorites

One of my favorite things to do when I'm taking as work break is to scan etsy for my favorite jewelry using stones. One of my favorite shops to follow is corybethy. Corybethy makes amazing, unique pieces. My favorite of hers right now is this Crazy Lace piece:
A beautiful blue treasury on etsy

I'm a blogger

I've always wanted to find the time to set this up, and my time has finally came! I've always thought blogs were amazing, giving a voice to anyone that had something to say. And I have a lot to say! Let me start by introducing myself.

I am Laura, a married mother of 4 always on the go. My favorite hobby is stone cutting. I cut rocks from all over the world. I cut many for other jewelers, and some for my own work. One of the greatest rewards of my work is to see all of the amazing designs others come up with using my stones.

My rock cutting started a few years ago when my husband brought up his rock collection from when he was a kid. I wanted to know if he could cut them with his tile saw. We tried and it failed, but lapidary equipment was way out of our price range.

A few weeks later, I was shopping and socializing at my favorite flea market. I started talking to a 92 year old man, and telling him about my husband's rocks. As it turned out, he had old lapidary equipment he did not use anymore. He sold it to me for almost nothing! I think fate put us together that day.

Anyways, I've started this blog to show off some of etsy's great artists, and to have an outlet to share my work. Hope you enjoy!