Friday, September 23, 2011

What Inspires Me??

This is my very first time participating in the Aspiring Metalsmiths blogroll,and the timing and subject turned out to be perfect. This morning I woke up and had my coffee at my rock table as I do every morning. My rock table is where I keep a large pile of slabs and small pieces to sift through during coffee time.

Usually the rocks themselves are my inspiration. They usually tell me how they want to be cut. But this morning it just wasn't happening.

Just about an hour after I had given up, my wonderful post lady arrived with my new Sonoran Dentridic! I took it to the saw immediately.

When I came upstairs, I had an email waiting for me. One of the incredibly talented artists I work with sent me photos of the new piece she made with my stones! This gorgeous necklace was made with a 3 piece set of porcelain jasper I had cut.

When I went back to look at my Sonoran Dentridic, the 3 piece set jumped right out at me! I can't wait to cab this set.

So even though my inspiration ussally comes from the rocks themselves, today I had a big bosst! To see more of Janna's work, visit her etsy shop at

Each month the Aspiring Metals team chooses a topic and each write about that topic on their blog. This month we want to know what inspires you, and where do you look for inspiration?

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  1. No wonder you keep creating such beautiful cabs...look at the rainbow of colors in the slabs!!!
    I have seen some beautiful work done with your designer cabs.
    Thank you so much for all if your hard word, talent, and energy!!

  2. Wow, just amazing stones and the way you cut them is beautiful inspiration to the artists who use them too, very circular, I like that! Really need to stalk your shop more too :)

  3. I love how you have everything out in a pile on the table. Sometimes you don't make connections unless it's all out there and this post shows just how those connections are made. Very neat! (And gorgeous stuff!)

  4. Your stash is pretty incredible. I love the idea of having it all out on the table.