Sunday, June 27, 2010

Storing Cabochons

I have a few blogs I really enjoy following. One of my favorites is Contrariwise Ramblings. About a month ago, Contrari posted this awesome article about storing your cabs. What a genius idea! However, I HATE taping stones, removing them can be such a pain, so I came up with this version of the cab binder. I used the clear pages my kids use for their Pokemon cards, bagged my cabs, and slipped them in the individual slots. I think this would be great for keeping track of where you get your stones from as well, because you could slip a business card right in with the stone!!

Thanks Contrariwise, you've made my life SO much easier!!!!!

WARNING: If you do this, you have to be careful not to tip it upside down, or all the cabs will fall out! Maybe someone has an idea from keeping this from happening???


  1. What a fantastic idea! My husband had a bunch of unused baseball card sheets... I'm going to go do a little organizing right now. :)

  2. Worked great! I see what you mean about making sure not to tilt it... they do tend to slide out rather easily. I'm going to remedy that with a bit of drafting tape with an end folded over as a pull tab.

    I have also added the dichroic and porcelain cabs I have had for years, as well as some flat stone "beads"... they have holes in them but could be used as cabochons too. Its a wonderful solution!

    Oh yeah, I need to transfer them to a larger binder... I underestimated how thick this would get.

  3. Yes, I'm now onto my 4th binder, they fill up VERY fast!
    Also, I have added white cards in each slot. It gives a backround and makes it much easier to see the stones clearly.

  4. Oooh, the white cards are a very good idea!