Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thirteen Gems - An Amazing Artist

Melissa of Thirteen Gems is one of my favorite artists on etsy. I love to look at her work and I'm always excited to see what she will make next. Her new turquoise piece is just breath taking, and she pays attention to many details, using excellent quality stones.

Like myself, Melissa is a big fan of druzy stones. For those of you that are unfamilar with this term, it describes a stone with open crystals. Druzy stones can be very hard to come by, and also prone to cracking during the cutting process.

Although I have admired Melissa's work for quite a while now, I just discovered she has a blog today. On her blog, she goes though every step of making one of her pieces. It is very refreshing to find an artist willing to share their techniques with others, and incredible to think of the amount of time and patience that goes into every piece she creates.

Melissa's work can be found at www.thirteengems.etsy.com
and her blog at http://www.thirteengems.blogspot.com/

I hope you'll all take a look at this amazing etsy artist!