Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm a blogger

I've always wanted to find the time to set this up, and my time has finally came! I've always thought blogs were amazing, giving a voice to anyone that had something to say. And I have a lot to say! Let me start by introducing myself.

I am Laura, a married mother of 4 always on the go. My favorite hobby is stone cutting. I cut rocks from all over the world. I cut many for other jewelers, and some for my own work. One of the greatest rewards of my work is to see all of the amazing designs others come up with using my stones.

My rock cutting started a few years ago when my husband brought up his rock collection from when he was a kid. I wanted to know if he could cut them with his tile saw. We tried and it failed, but lapidary equipment was way out of our price range.

A few weeks later, I was shopping and socializing at my favorite flea market. I started talking to a 92 year old man, and telling him about my husband's rocks. As it turned out, he had old lapidary equipment he did not use anymore. He sold it to me for almost nothing! I think fate put us together that day.

Anyways, I've started this blog to show off some of etsy's great artists, and to have an outlet to share my work. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I love reading blogs, I don't blog myself as I would have to write too much and I don't like doing that :)
    I will be following your blog with interest as I like seeing what's out there on etsy too!